If you are working in an American State and that state issues licenses, you must possess that states license. If you possess any other license, it will not suffice if the state you’re working in doesn’t recognize it. I.e.: The Commonwealth of Massachusetts issues licenses. No other license (Federal, DoD, CCO, CIC etc.) is recognized in Massachusetts today.

If you are working in another licensing state, you must possess their license. I.e. You’re licensed in Massachusetts and need to work in Connecticut. You need to get a Connecticut license. If you are working in Connecticut with a Massachusetts license and get caught by OSHA, you can be cited.

If you are working in a state that recognizes an accredited license (CCO, CIC), only that license will be applicable in that state:
• In the northeast Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Rhode Island are states that issue licenses.
• New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine don’t issue licenses yet.
• States that don’t issue licenses now have until November 2017 to put together an OSHA compliant license program or adopt an accredited license program.
• New York City issues their own license and is accepting some accredited licenses as well. Call ahead before you take a job there.
• States, like Massachusetts, require licenses regardless of the cranes location. I.e.: private property does not exempt the operator from licensing.

More detailed information and a map that links to state licensing requirements can be found at the Cranes 101 website under Licensing.