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What is an XPOD?

An XPOD is a new concept developed by the Northeast States Sign Association to bring local sign companies together for education, networking and small-scale exhibitors.

The XPOD is designed to be a 3–4-hour event, or an all-day event with two sessions, hosted by a local sign shop who will invite in a presenting sponsor to hold an educational demonstration/certification/training session that the hosting sign company has experience with, along with other sponsors who will be on hand to talk about their products and services, answer any questions attendees may have, etc.

Attendees will have the opportunity to tour the hosting sign company’s facilities and enjoy light refreshments while networking with other like-minded industry professionals.

What is involved in hosting an XPOD?

To host an XPOD a company should be willing to open their facility to attendees from other local sign shops for a 3–4-hour window, or an all-day event should they wish to hold two sessions.

Ideally a hosting company will be able to accommodate 10-30 attendees to include parking and be willing to work with the NSSA Board to identify potential sponsors they have established relationships with.

The hosting sign shop will be featured on NSSA social media and in our newsletter.

How do I register to host an XPOD?

Check out our Area Event Map below for availability in your area.

Event Area Map

Click below to register to host an XPOD and our executive director, or your closest board member will be in touch with you to get you started.

Host an XPOD

Wait, what if I want to Sponsor an XPOD?

There are many opportunities to sponsor an XPOD ranging from a presenting sponsor to a refreshments sponsor.  Please click the link below to visit our sponsorship page.

Sponsorship Opportunities